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Passionate Support

Every imPower theme purchase comes with built in documentation and access to our support forums where help is only a post away.
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Details Matter

Details Matter

You can’t have quality without attention to details. And it’s the little details, like making sure everything is point and click, that set imPower apart.
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Built In SEO

imPower Themes have point and click controls that help you easily tweak your site and sculpt your SEO
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Powerful Marketing Tools Built In

Built in SEO and FB integration, support for visitor tracking and site analytics, building mailing lists, tracking ad campaigns and much, much more.
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It’s Already in the Box

Need a photo gallery? it’s built in. Video? Built in. SEO, Facebook integration, multiple layout options, support for opt-in forms, analytics and conversion tracking? Yep, built in. It’s already in the box.
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GPL and Unlimited Use

Once you buy a theme it is yours for life. You can use it for personal or commercial use. For yourself or clients. For 1 website or 100's. Unlimited use.
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Universal Point and Click Video

Place any video, anywhere. Embedded or popups. Pages, posts, sidebars and slider. In almost any format like: AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, MOV, SWF, FLV, YouTube. It’s 100% point and click and iPad/iPhone compatible
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Simple is Good

Point and click isn’t optional, it’s a requirement. You shouldn’t have to learn a new language just to manage your website.
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Flexible And Feature Rich

Multiple layout options, multiple color schemes, logo uploader, custom sidebars, shortcodes, favicons and much, much more.
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Plus Much More

We pack a lot into every theme. Things like favicon support, logo uploads, Facebook integration and much more
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Refined Front Page Options
Optin Engine Quick Launch


From Everyday People

Ray Stewart

I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending imPower Themes to anyone, skilled WordPress user or beginner.

Don't hesitate, and like me, you will not be disappointed. You may even be wowed by how simple but flexible and powerful these themes are.


Ray Stewart - CPA
Coalville Business Services Limited

Scott Linklater

I've used some other well known software out there for sales and squeeze pages and whilst they were good I never felt they looked really sharp. And they took a lot of messing around with to get right.

This is where this product shines. The pages look amazing and the choices + the buttons that are included mean you get great looking pages that don't all look exactly the same. I love how you can easily mix it up and produce pages that look different to all others out there.

The other thing that makes this a no brainer is the ease of use. Once set up (and the quick start guide makes it easy as) these pages are so easy to roll out, customize, add to etc. And with top notch SEO on every page, you can not go wrong with this package.

Scott Linklater - http://justsocial.com

Scott Linklater
Just Social

Frequently Asked


  • 1. Is there a developers licence?
    At this stage no. Buying any of our themes entitles you to unlimited usage of those themes on as many sites as you like. No restrictions. We may offer some extra, or enhanced services to developers in the future though.
  • 2. Is there documentation?
    Yes, the themes come with a QuickStart guide and when needed a more detailed UserGuide is also built in.
  • 3. It's great that you have SEO built in but what if I want to use a plugin?
    Yes, if you want to use a plugin to manage your SEO instead of the built in SEO features most imPower themes come with you can disable the built in SEO with one click.
  • 4. Will this work with my favorite plugin?
    If a plugin is well written and follows best practices then there should be no problems. Javascript conflicts are always possible though. imPower themes rely on the "jQuery" and "jQuery Tools" JavaScript libraries.
  • 5. Are your themes Child Theme ready?
    Yes they are. Depending on the amount of customization you need though you may not have to use a child theme, and can simply add the needed styles to the custom styles section of the theme admin.
  • 6. Do your themes support favicons?
    Yes, most of our themes do support custom favicons through the theme admin page.
  • 7. Can I easily add my logo to your themes?
    Yes, most of our themes have a point and click logo upload facility
  • 8. Why are you GPL and what does that mean?
    imPower Themes is licensed GPL as that is the license that WordPress uses. In essence the GPL is about Freedoms to use, reuse, modify, study, take apart and share what you have bought. In practice it means that you can use the themes you purchase for any kind of website on as many domains as you like - for you or your clients - and you can modify them or have them modified in any way that you wish. No Restrictions.


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